Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Pagi ni aku bangun dengan perasaan yang amat nyaman, sebabnya Cik Comey bangun tido dengan senyuman dan sengihan yang amat menenangkan. Saat tu aku faham maksud nama beliau. 
Insyirah = Ketenangan, kelegaan hati

Even though as the days go, she is very super annoying girl sometimes. But i still like her.
In my thought, she's kinda very intelligent girl for 2 years old kids. 
She recognized all 26 letters of alphabet, all 10 number we should know.
And she speak fluent and eloquent in everyday language.
And now she on her way to read Peter And Jane.

Here is her smile this morning. Was it sweet~
But as i know, she always had a wonderful smile.
Love her so much!~

Ciyah + Yen = Comey


*yen = friend (her short neck fluffy giraffe,which is not fluffy anymore)

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